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Beer Prices Up 2% in April  

Consumer price index for beer increased 2% in Apr vs yr ago, per latest gov’t stats. That’s first time CPI for beer was up 2% or higher since May 2016.  Beer prices closed gap with CPI for all items which increased 2.2% in Apr vs yr ago.  Spirits (-0.5%) and wine (-0.1%) prices were down in month of Apr. Spirits prices have declined last 4 months while wine prices down 7 straight months.  CPI for beer was up 1.7% YTD thru Apr vs 2.5% increase for all items.  CPI for spirits and wine down 0.3% and 0.7% respectively YTD.

INSIGHTS Express, Vol 19, No 89; May 15, 2017


Yr Remains Not Great in Nielsen All Outlet for 4 Mos; AB and MC Each Down 2%  

Even with better Apr (beer biz up 1.3% for 4 weeks), industry volume down 0.5% yr-to-date thru 4/29 in  Nielsen all outlet.  And $$ sales up 0.8%.  Each of AB and MC volume down around 2%.  But AB still getting more pricing and so AB $$ sales down 1%, while MC $$ down 1.9% thru 4/29.  AB lost 0.8 share of $$, MC down 0.6 YTD.  For 4 weeks, it’s worse.  AB lost 1 full share of $$, MC down 0.7.  Constellation $$ sales up 14.6% YTD, gained 1.2 share of $$. For 4 weeks, just preceding Cinco de Mayo period, Constellation en fuego with $$ sales up 17.1%. Gained 1.4 share.

INSIGHTS Express, Vol 19, No 87; May 9, 2017