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Not a December to Remember; Beer Biz Stayed Really Soft in Dec Thru New Year’s Eve

Beer volume down 3.9% for 4 weeks thru December 31st in Nielsen all outlet data.  So beer closed out yr with one of softest 4-week periods of yr, right thru 2 major holidays.  Not a good way to end, tho holidays “misaligned” once again, notes Nielsen, as last yr’s 4 week period ended on Saturday, January 2. 

Pricing under pressure as total avg beer prices up just 23 cents, 1%.  Avg prices lower for FMBs, economy and malt liquor segments.  There’s just not a lot of good news in latest report.  Trading up cut virtually in half.  Above premium segments declined in volume and $$ sales.  Still gained share but just 1.2 share of $$ for 4 weeks, compared to 2.2 YTD.   Craft volume down 2% for 4 weeks and imports up just 1.6%.  Several leading imports actually declined last 4 weeks.  Corona down 1%, Heineken down 3%, Dos Equis down 3%.  Even growth rates for hottest brands slowed substanitially.  Mich Ultra still up 14% for 4 weeks, but 22.2% for full yr.  Modelo Especial up 15% for 4 weeks, 23.5% for full yr.  Both gained slightly less share short-term too.

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