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Top 10 Beer Brands, 2016: Big Michelob Ultra, Modelo Especial and Corona Gains; Softness in Top 4

Varied results for the top 10 beer brands in 2016: some continued declines among the top 4, while a handful of fast-growing high-end brands grew solidly. Read on for an excerpt on the top 10's performance, published in out flagship publication, beer marketer's INSIGHTS, last week, and the rankings based on our estimates.


Big Michelob Ultra, Modelo Especial and Corona Gains Pull Top 10 Brands Positive in 2016

After losing volume collectively every yr since 2008, industry's top-10 brands eked out modest gain in 2016, we estimate. That's thanks to outsized gains by 3 hi-end brands: Corona Extra, Michelob Ultra and Modelo Especial. Those brands up over 2.6 mil bbls between 'em, we estimate, and offset continued losses by top 4 premium mainstream brands and net decline for top 3 AB below-premium brands. With tiny gain, top 10 brands held share in 2016, tho top 10's share eroded by 10 pts over last decade.

Bud Light shed another 1.2 mil bbls, 3.4%, we estimate. New ad campaign didn't move volume needle, on-premise stayed tuff and some Bud Light volume shifting to Michelob Ultra. Bud Light now nearly 7 mil bbls, 3 share below 2008 peak, when it shipped over 42 mil bbls. Coors Light down about 1% in 2016, we figure, but is only top-4 brand that sold more than it did 10 yrs ago. Indeed, other 3 sharply lower. Coors Light held share over 10 yrs at just below 8. Bud continued down over 3%, we estimate. Slipped below 15 mil bbls, and down 10 mil bbls, over 40% since 2006. Like Coors Light, Miller Lite outperformed Bud Light, but still down about 2%. Top 4 brands down 2.2 mil bbls, 2.7% in 2016. They got 37 share, down 1 share. Same brands lost 9 share over 10 yrs.

Top 10 Beer Brands by Volume, 2016
(based on beer marketer's INSIGHTS estimates)

1. Bud Light

2. Coors Light

3. Budweiser

4. Miller Lite

5. Corona Extra

6. Natural Light

7. Busch Light

8. Michelob Ultra

9. Modelo Especial

10. Busch

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  • Year: 2017
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