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Top 25 2016 Growth Brands in IRI: 10 Imports, 8 Flavored, 3 Craft, 3 New Brands

Top 25 growth brands in US beer biz (by $$) totally dominated by hi-end,  with 10 imports and 8 flavored brands as consultant Bump Williams noted in his monthly update.   Each of top 8 and 21 of top 25 are hi-end.  Top 2 growth brands, Mich Ultra and Modelo Especial, each up around 25% and gained a half bil in $$ sales between ‘em.  Wow!  Corona the only other brand that gained more than $100 mil in $$ sales; up $150 mil, 9.7%.  Notable that total beer biz gained $916 mil, 2.7%.  So those 3 brands grew over 70% of what total industry gained. 

Ten of top 25 growth brands were imports; Stella at #5, up 15%.  But 8 of those 10 imports were Mexican imports, including 5 from Constellation.  Modelo Especial Chelada at #11 (up 34%), Corona Light at #13 (up 8.2%) and Pacifico #23 (up 20%).  Also on list, Dos Equis Lager at #12, Tecate Light #19 (up 28%).  Heineken $$ sales up $15.6 mil, 2% in IRI, about same $$ as Pacifico (+20%), good enuf to be #22 on list.   

Hard-to-cycle FMB category got 5 of top 10 gainers, 8 of top 25: Henry’s Hard Soda was #4 growth brand, Best Damn Root Beer #6, Four Loko Gold #7 (!), Lemon Ade Rita (#8), good ole’ Twisted Tea #10.  Only Twisted Tea a repeater.  How many of these brands will make a return trip? Interesting to note that top FMB co Mike’s does not have 1 of top 25 growth brands, but got solid 10% growth overall.  

Craft got just 3 of top 25 growth brands: New Belgium’s new Citradelic (#20), Goose Island IPA (#21) and Firestone Walker 805 (#25).  Bump called this “likely a testament to the ‘deeper bench’ that the craft segment has compared to other segments.”  Two other new brands on list.  Both from AB: Estrella Jalisco and Best Damn Cherry Cola.  Coors Light and Miller Lite both got on list by virtue of their sheer size. Each had $$ sales up 1%, while volume down slightly, but that was enuf to get Coors Light into top 10 gainers (#9) and Miller Lite at #16.  Yuengling Lager the only domestic premium on list.

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