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Bud Light Super Bowl Ad Brings Back Spuds MacKenzie as Ghost in 90-Second Ad

In a one-time only appearance, AB bringing back 1980s spokesdog Spuds Mackenzie, “the original party Animal.”  But this time Spuds is a Ghost in a full 90-second Super Bowl spot.  Super Bowl ads sell for $5 mil per 30 seconds, or $15 mil if AB paid full price.  So this ad is a Big Bet.  It will be next installment of Bud Light’s new “Famous Among Friends,” intended as multi-yr “platform” and “not a campaign,” said  Bud Light veep Alex Lambrecht.  Spuds will “make a statement” that is “relevant to the cultural moment,” Alex continued; it will be “all about friendship.”  But after the Super Bowl, Spuds “will return to the after life” tho not before a “final message” on Monday after the game. Bud Light down 2.3% last 4 weeks thru 1/21 in Nielsen all-outlet, a bit better than 3% drop in calendar 2016. It lost 0.4 share of volume in latest period, compared to 0.7 in full yr 2016. 


Talk Value; Bud in “Crosshairs of the Next Drumpf Tweet?”; “Beer Should Be Bipartisan,” Sez AB’s Marcel  Like Bud’s immigrant spot, this Bud Light ad should have lotsa talk value.  But will it sell beer?  About 70% of people are still familiar with Spuds, according to AB research, noted Alex.  One question is how much those under 40 will care.  Then too, talk value sometimes has consequences.  AB and at least some distribs have gotta be concerned that Bud ad wades too far into hot immigration topic at wrong moment.  “Budweiser may have put itself in the crosshairs of the next Drumpf tweet,” headlined Wash Post in extensive article this morn. “We believe beer should be bipartisan, and did not set out to create a piece of political commentary,” said mktg veep Marcel Marcondes. “However, we recognize that you can’t reference the American dream today without being part of the conversation.” 

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  • Year: 2017
  • Volume: 19
  • Issue #: 22
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