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Beer Prices Lag Inflation In Jan; Still Up Solid 1.7%

Consumer price index for beer increased 1.7% in Jan vs yr ago, per latest govt stats.  That’s in-line with increases over past few months, but beer CPI well behind +2.5% growth for all items in Jan, which had strongest monthly gain since Feb 2013.  CPI for beer lagged increases for all items in 3 of last 4 months.  But beer prices still runnin’ ahead of spirits/wine.  CPI for spirits edged up just 0.3% in Jan vs yr ago while wine prices slipped 0.5%.  Over last 12 mos thru Jan, CPI for beer was up 1.8% vs 1.4% gain for all items and was well ahead of spirits (+0.4%) and wine (-0.1%) pricing trends.

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  • Year: 2017
  • Volume: 19
  • Issue #: 31
Read 241 times Last modified on 02/17/2017