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Constellation Expects 60+ Mil Cases of Growth in 3 Yrs; Biggest Contributor to Alc Bev Growth in IRI

Constellation Brands Beer Division held its distrib conference dubbed Gold Network Summit for East and West this week in Dallas. Constellation expects to grow its beer biz by over 60 mil cases over next 3 yrs, capturing at least half of high end growth of 128 mil cases, prexy Paul Hetterich told distribs.  And the high end (defined as over $25 per case at retail) will soon be over half of beer industry $$.  Constellation betting big that these trends will continue (see below plus more and different details in BMI). Constellation “contributing” 25% of total bev alc growth in IRI, around $600 mil, ceo Rob Sands told distribs.  That’s more than 3x as much growth as #2 contributor Gallo.  Alc bevs are retailers’ “most important and profitable category” so “you can’t make this *#?!  up,” he added.  “You can’t have a better story to tell to retailers.”

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  • Year: 2017
  • Volume: 19
  • Issue #: 42
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