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Power Hour: Craft Cans Gained 5 Share in Supers While Craft Glass $$ Nearly Flat; 12pk and 22oz Bottles Down

Craft cans kept up speedy 53% growth pace in 2016 supers, snagging another 5.1 share of total craft $$ to 16.8, Dan noted (just as BA’s Bart Watson depicted in recent blog post – see Feb 14 issue).  Indeed, can formats gained across the board as 6pk cans (+62%) now #3 largest craft format and made up over half of total cans gain; 12pk 12oz cans (+26%), 4pk 16oz cans (+55%) and 15pk 12oz cans (+132%) made up majority of the rest, tho interestingly 4pk 12oz cans (+63%), 6pk of 16oz cans (+233%) and single 12oz can (+120%) comin’ on strong off tiny bases.  Meanwhile, total craft glass $$ sales were up just 0.5% suggesting that volume actually down in IRI supers last year.  While largest format, 6pk bottles, were able to grow 2.5%, 12pk bottles $$ declined 2% and 22oz bottles dipped 0.4%.  Only bottle formats that grew solidly were 12oz singles (+11.5%), 24pk 12oz (+8%), and single 17oz bottles (+18%), collectively making up a little over 1.3 share of total craft sales in this channel.

Looking at top-5 craft can vendors, Founders continues its ascension, now making up about 6% of all craft can sales in IRI supers.  That’s still second behind MC with 7.2 share of craft cans, but MC’s been losing share of late.  As have Sierra Nevada and Boston Beer, now each below 5 share of total craft can sales.  Meanwhile, ABI craft is collectively now 5th largest craft can supplier, inching ahead of Oskar Blues with 3.85 share of craft cans.  Collectively these 5 cos make up 26.6% of total cans; as recently as thru Jul 10, top-5 can cos had 28.2% of total.

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  • Year: 2017
  • Volume: 8
  • Issue #: 19
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