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Craft Trends May Vary Region to Region, Market to Market, But Local Plays Everywhere (GRAPH)

Just one constant across regional and market-level IRI data for 2016: local brands largely did better than non-local ones. Exceptions exist. And being local alone doesn’t necessarily cut it. But as craft slowed across US, brands from nearby breweries tended to fare better in IRI-tracked foodstores. Notably, “not one region” scored double-digit craft $$ gains, IRI’s Dan Wandel said during Brewers Assn Power Hour last week. “What a difference a year makes,” he commented. For reference, craft $$ up about 7% nationally last yr in supers.


Craft $$ Sales and Growth by Region, 2016


Our issue last week dug into what’s happening underneath these trends by looking at top craft suppliers and brands in specific state and city markets. For even more regional craft info, check out our Craft Brew Guide.

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  • Year: 2017
  • Volume: 8
  • Issue #: 21
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