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Heavy Seas Appoints Schlafly Co-Founder, Dan Kopman, as CEO (excerpt)

After deciding to leave Schlafly at end of 2016 (see Vol 7, #105), didn’t take long for co-founder Dan Kopman to jump right back into the beer biz. Long-established MD craft brewer, Heavy Seas “has named Dan Kopman as Chief Executive Officer effective May 1, 2017,” co announced.  That’s as current general manager, Patrick Helsel, plans to leave co end of May, “and will help facilitate Dan’s transition.”  So “Dan will report to founder, Hugh Sisson, who will remain full-time Managing Partner and continue to play a very active role in the business.”  Indeed, “with Pat leaving we are fortunate to get someone with Dan’s level of experience in the industry,” said Hugh. “He adds depth to our team and will ensure great continuity for the future development of the Heavy Seas brand.”

Then too, “I’m not getting any younger, and while I have no intention of stepping down anytime soon, it is a process and I want to make sure I am here for an extended period of time to pass the baton,” Hugh separately told Baltimore Business Journal. And co plans on “doing some tweaks to its overall branding in the near future”; Dan will certainly “play a role in that process,” paper noted. While Dan’s experience having gone thru process of a sale with Schlafly “wasn’t a major factor in the decision” to hire him, “where it becomes attractive is I am a company that has investors,” Hugh acknowledged. “If somebody does come along and puts a credible offer on the table, I have a fiduciary responsibility to look at it,” and “having someone with that background is useful.”

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  • Year: 2017
  • Volume: 8
  • Issue #: 23
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