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Cans Gained Share for 5th Straight Yr in 2016, Sez Beer Inst; Draft Hangin’ in at 10.4% of Volume

Cans picked up another 0.8 share of total US beer biz to 56.2 last yr, according to data prepared by Beer Inst economist Michael Uhrich.  While overall beer volume edged up 0.3%, can biz +1.8%.  Bottle biz dipped 1.9% and bottle share slipped to 33.4.  That was 5th straight yr cans took share from bottles.  If you go back to 2008, cans had just over half the biz, so up 6 share since then.  Meanwhile, bottles slipped from 40.2 share in 2008 to one-third.  Draft volume steady in 2016, Mike estimates, and picked up a point since 2008, at 10.4 share of US biz last yr.  But draft up only 0.3 share since 2011 despite explosion of taprooms.

Big difference still in domestic vs import packaging splits.  Cans fully 62 share of domestic brewers’ volume, up from 55.7 in 2008.  Bottles slipped to 27.2 share from 34.7. Draft is just shy of 11 share of domestic volume, up a little over 1 point since 2008.  Bottles still reign in imports: nearly 2/3 share of import volume in glass, tho that’s down from over 3/4 in 2008.  Cans had just 26.4 share of imports last yr, tho up from 15.5 share 2008.  Import draft last yr about same volume as in 2008, so draft share of imports down from 9 to 7.7.

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