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While FMB/Soda Segment Sags, Mike’s Makes Hay; Twisted Tea Too; Mike’s Depletions +12% in Q1

FMB drinkers remain fickle, tryin’ and droppin’ new brands galore.  Yet a coupla constants, even in this volatile segment.  Mike’s Hard is a steady winner.  So is Twisted Tea.  Sparkling set of numbers for Mike’s Q1 shared by prexy Phil Rosse.  Mike’s depletions up 12% in Q1.  How good is that?  It’s an acceleration vs +10% in 2016 and an almost a 20-point swing compared to -5.4% trend for FMB segment in Nielsen all-outlet scans.  A few more numbers: Mike’s Harder 24-oz cans pickin’ up distribution and +51%, even as 16-oz cans +16%.  Cayman Jack now in 15 states, $$ sales +27% in Q1.  White Claw hard seltzer #1 in category, Phil sez, and “has highest repeat purchase rate” in segment. Mike’s will boost 2017 A&P spend 20%, Phil reminds, and it will put over $10 mil in mktg $$ behind White Claw this summer.  Like Constellation execs, Phil pushing message to distribs/retailers that high end deserves more focus and shelf space.  “Currently, the high end only has 33% of the off premise shelf space, but 50% of the dollars and 100% of the growth.”

Meanwhile, Twisted Tea remains brightest spot in Boston’s portfolio.  Up 15% in Q1 Nielsen scans, also a 20-pt swing vs category trend.  Same scans show Mike’s Harder up 19%, but Mike’s Hard off about a point.  Smirnoff Ice portfolio up near 5% yr-to-date.  And Redd’s Wicked scratched out 2% gain in Q1.  Other big players getting’ clobbered. Not Your Father’s -62%, Henry’s Hard -29%, Redd’s Base -17% and Ritas down 15%. Nielsen report we see doesn’t list Best Damn.  But IRI scans thru Mar 19 show top 3 Damns down 53%.

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  • Year: 2017
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