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ABI to Launch “Latin-American Inspired” VEZA SUR Craft Brand and Brewpub in Miami

ABI keeps finding new ways to utilize The High End craft team in different mkts across the US and abroad. “This summer we will be launching a Latin-American inspired craft beer brand, VEZA SUR Brewing Co, and opening a brewpub of the same name in the Wynwood neighborhood in Miami, Florida,” co wrote to wholesalers (as we reported in INSIGHTS Express yesterday). That’s same neighborhood as Craft Brew Alliance’s newest partner, Wynwood Brewing, Boston Beer’s Concrete Beach Brewery and others. Interestingly, VEZA SUR is newly invented “brainchild” brand of 10 Barrel co-founders Jeremy and Chris Cox along with Colombian craft co Bogota Beer’s (acquired by ABI in 2015) founder Berny Silberwasser and Max-Antonio Burger from The High End. Brand’s “origin” only dates back to when Chris, Jeremy and Max-Antonio “were immediately inspired” by visit to, per letter. So this is first in-house craft beer line created by AB since formation of The High End. In other words, “they’re attempting the very thing that they couldn’t do for years because no one wanted craft beer from an ABI pilot brewery in STL,” Chi Tribune’s Josh Noel tweeted. It’s also another way for ABI to attempt to connect with Hispanic consumers, an area where co still drastically under-indexes in US with lack of strong Mexican import, as Consumer Edge’s Brett Cooper pointed out. VEZA SUR will only be available in Miami mkt thru local wholesaler to start.

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  • Year: 2017
  • Volume: 8
  • Issue #: 34
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