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Oreg Brewers Near 2/3 of Draft Market In State, 1/4 of Total Beer Volume at Over 700K Bbls (excerpt)

The 230 brewing companies that operated 261 separate facilities in Oreg shipped 707K bbls just in their home state last year, Oreg Brewers Guild reported this week. That’s up 8.7% from over 650K bbls the year prior. Oreg brewers climbed to 23.3 share of total beer biz in the state, OBG sez. (Note these stats line up fairly closely to 625K-bbl figure we estimated for in-state brewers without CBA back in our Mar 1 issue. CBA shipped/sold 85-90K bbls in Oreg last yr, the co confirmed with CBN.) In-state brewers have much higher share of draft biz in the state at 64.9, according to OBG. So close to 2 of every 3 beers poured from a tap in Oreg was brewed in the state last yr. Wow. Total Oreg brewer production hit 1.782 mil bbls in 2016, up about 5%, OBG sez. So not only are in-state brewers gaining share of the beer market in Oregon, but in-state sales are also gaining share of total production. These OBG stats suggest in-state sales represented just over 38% of Oreg brewer production in 2015. But last year that number was real close to 40%. Tell an Oregonian local doesn’t matter.

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  • Year: 2017
  • Volume: 8
  • Issue #: 35
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