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Craft Down 2% in San Diego Foodstores for 26 Wks; More Tuff Ballast Trends; Newer Locals Growin’

Just lookin’ at IRI foodstores in San Diego, craft segment $$ declined 2%, vol down 4% for latest 26 wks thru Mar 26. Recall, craft finished with strong +10% $$ trend in 2016 San Diego foodstores, so this is a notable turnaround. And again, Ballast Point declines are particularly steep in this channel; Sculpin IPA down 23%, Grapefruit Sculpin down 38% and Variety Pk down 42% in local foodstores for 26 wks. Those 3 brands collectively shed ~3 share of craft $$ to 7.3. Then too, several other top craft brands either wholly or partly owned by large brewers saw steep double-digit declines here: Blue Moon Belgian White down 16%, Shock Top Belgian White down 32%, Kona Longboard Lager down 12%, Big Wave down 3% and Hopper Variety Pk down 14%. And top Sierra Nevada and New Belgium brands declined, including Sierra Pale (-6%), Sierra Torpedo (-14.7%) and NBB Fat Tire (-17%).

Meanwhile, Lagunitas IPA $$ (+15%) just passed Sculpin IPA as largest craft brand tracked in San Diego foodstores for latest 26 wks. Stone IPA (+3%) returned to growth and its Delicious IPA (+202%) tripled in sales to become #8 craft brand by $$ here. Firestone 805 (+37%) just ahead of Delicious. San Diego-based Mother Earth has its Cali Creamin Vanilla Cream Ale up 17%, at #11, just ahead of Bear Republic Racer 5 IPA (+11%).  And two other young local brands saw sales skyrocket; Latitude 33 Blood Orange IPA up 1165% outta nowhere to become a top-15 craft brand in San Diego foodstores, and Green Flash-backed Alpine Duet IPA up 88%.

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  • Year: 2017
  • Volume: 8
  • Issue #: 36
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