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Imports Slow to 2% Gain in Mar, 3% in Q1; Mexican Shipments Up Just 2% YTD

Just this morn, beer marketers INSIGHTS reported Constellation slowed to 3% shipments growth in Q1, tho depletions still trackin’ at +9-10%.  That slowdown reflected in import shipments from Mexico Jan-Mar, up just 94K bbls, 1.7%, following 2.4% gain in Mar.  Overall, imports up 54K bbls, 2% in Mar, reports Beer Inst economist Michael Uhrich based on Commerce Dept data. Dutch, German, Canadian and Italian shipments posted gains in Mar too.  Shipments from Belgium, Ireland and UK down for the mo.  In Q1, total imports slowed to 259K-bbl, 3.2% increase.  Shipments from several key import source countries outperformed Mexican shipments for the qtr, based on percentage change.  Dutch shipments +78K bbls, 7%, Belgian shipments +32K bbls, 9% and German shipments more than doubled, tacking on 157K bbls.   UK and Irish shipments each off near 30% for the qtr tho, and Canadian shipments off 4%.  Italian shipments up 20%, supporting MC statement that Peroni up double-digits.  Cider imports whacked in Mar, but up modest 5K bbls, 10% in Q1.  Finally, exports back on fast-track: +363K bbls, 36% Jan-Mar.

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  • Year: 2017
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