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April Imports Down 8%; Flat Yr-to-Date; Data Disconnect; What Gives?

April imports dropped 245,000 bbls, 7.8% according to US govt stats, reported by Beer Institute Friday afternoon.  That meant imports now up just 18,000 bbls, 0.2% yr-to-date.  But that makes little sense compared to known scan data and Constellation’s reported depletions data.  Imports were up 6.5% thru Apr 29 in Nielsen all-outlet, now up 7% thru 5/20.  And recall, Constellation, which represents over half of all imports, reported sales-to-retailers up 9-10% in 1st qtr. Constellation still flying in scan data; up 13.6% thru 5/20 in Nielsen.  Yet Mexican import shipments down 1% thru Apr, perhaps having to do with timing of last yr’s bottle recall.  Dutch imports up 3%, Belgian imports down 10% and Canadian down 6%.  Whatever the cause, import shipments do not reflect current retail trends.

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  • Year: 2017
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