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Memorial Day Worse Than We Thought; Shockingly Soft 2-Week #s from IRI; Volume Down 5% (excerpt)

While shipments improved in May, retail sales still unusually soft.  We knew the beer biz didn’t perform well over first major holiday in peak selling season.  But we didn’t know just how poorly. Until now.

Beer volume down 4.6% for 2 weeks thru Jun 4 in IRI multi-outlet + convenience. And $$ sales down 3.3%, $51.8 mil for 2 weeks.  That’s right. Over $50 mil less in retail sales in 2-week period.  That’s as bad a major holiday as we’ve yet seen for beer biz.  Making it even worse: spirits and wine had strong increases in $$, volume or both.  Spirits volume up 7.3%, but $$ up 4.5%, $12.5 mil. Avg prices down almost 3%.  Meanwhile, wine volume not much better than flat. Up 0.3%. But with continued trade up, wine $$ sales up $10.9 mil, 2.6%.

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  • Year: 2017
  • Volume: 19
  • Issue #: 114
Read 179 times Last modified on 08/10/2017