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As States Seek to Reform Alcohol Beverage Laws/Regulations, Public Health Takes Notice, Seeks Input (excerpt)

Just as Alcohol Justice and other public health advocates noted the attempt to reduce federal excise taxes on beer, wine and spirits and criticized that effort (see last Update), public health is taking note of state initiatives to reform laws and regulations. And they want to provide input.  In Massachusetts, a task force created by state Treasurer Deborah Goldberg has begun its review of all of the state’s alcohol beverage laws.  The task force itself includes mostly attorneys without links to the industry, though the Boston Globe reports that there will be “advisory committees” of industry members to provide input.  Public health wants the same.   One reason such regulatory reviews have had limited success in the past is that once the law is opened up, the possibility of unwanted outcomes and unintended consequences increases.

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  • Year: 2017
  • Volume: 34
  • Issue #: 20
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