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Spike in Spirits Popularity, Gallup Poll Shows, But Beer Still Preferred by 40% of Drinkers

Over a quarter of alc bev drinkers, 26%, told Gallup they drink liquor most often in recent poll, co reported today. That’s largest group Gallup’s tracked in last 25 yrs (closest was 24% who said they prefer spirits in 2004) and up 6 points from last yr. That could reflect liquor’s growing share of alc bev consumption, Gallup wrote, but unclear yet whether “this is a momentary fad or a turn toward greater preference for liquor over wine and beer.” Other stats in Gallup’s annual alc bev consumption poll pretty stable. About 40% of drinkers choose beer most often, down a couple points from last yr, but on par with average over last 15 yrs or so. An additional 30% prefer wine. Once again, 62% of male drinkers prefer beer, but just 19% of women drinkers do. Instead, 50% of women prefer wine. On the other hand, male/female preference for spirits pretty even.

Finally, “Americans are about as likely to consume alcohol as they have been for the past eight decades,” Gallup wrote. About 62% of 21+ Americans said they “have occasion to use alcoholic beverages.” Factoring in 4-pt margin of error, this figure is basically unchanged since late 1930s. If that doesn’t demonstrate that massive increase in alcohol availability and advertising during last 80 yrs doesn’t affect whether consumers drink so much as what they drink, we’re not sure what does.

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  • Year: 2017
  • Volume: 19
  • Issue #: 133
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