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IPA Still Drives the Bus, But Others Comin’ On in July (excerpt)

Top craft style still large and in-charge of segment off-premise thru 1st half of 2017. IPAs flyin’ +16%, gained almost 3 share of craft $$ to 31.6 YTD thru July 16. Pretty soon style will be 1/3 of craft even without including any seasonal or specialty release IPAs. Sheesh! IPAs nearing 30 share of craft volume in IRI MULC. But they’re already over 35 share of volume in c-stores, 37.5 share of $$, up over 4 share of each!

Notably, absolute IPA case gains were almost twice the size of total craft gains thru most of 1st half (see chart below). When craft slowed early in the year, IPAs kept up fast growth. But for 1st time all yr, craft segment grew more than IPA style alone for 4 wks thru 7/16.

cbn8 65 2

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  • Year: 2017
  • Volume: 8
  • Issue #: 65
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