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AB Shows A Little More Love for Its Subpremium Biz; A New Natty Light Ad, First Since 2009

“Now, It’s Natty Time.”  That’s tagline of new Natural Light ad that broke yesterday and will run on cable channels including ESPN, TBS, Comedy Central, etc, AB sez. It’s first Natty Light tv ad since 2009’s “Natty Caddy.”  Also follows on heels of Natty FMB extension announced last week, Natty Rush.  Ad pokes back at MC claims of less calories/carbs by noting Natty Light has “a whole one fewer calorie” (at 95) so drinker can “go ahead treat yourself” with “extra stick of gum.”   Recall too, Natty recently hooked up with model Marisa Miller who’s “name might be Miller” but who “prefers to act Natural.”  So #1 subpremium, which lost almost 1/3 of its volume 2010-2016, takin’ triple aim at higher-priced competitor, borrowing from “Miller Time” theme, calorie comparison and supermodel’s name.  And folks say beer ads lack creativity these days.   Natty Light off just 0.2% in Nielsen scans in Jul, -1.7% yr-to-date.

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  • Year: 2017
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