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UK Poll: 54% of Beer Drinkers Would Buy Beer with SIBA’s “Assured Independent” Seal

Small British brewers debuted seal calling out indie status almost a yr ahead of US Brewers Assn’s recent announcement, and discussion of issue hasn’t died. Almost 70% of 1,000 UK beer drinkers surveyed by YouGov think “Assured Independent British Craft Brewer” seal would be “useful,” Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) in UK, which commissioned survey, said yesterday. Further, 60% “cared who brewed their beer” and 54% “would be more likely to drink a beer which carried the logo.” Just over 60% of 25-34 yr olds said they drink “local craft beer,” while half of all respondents do. Big brewers may want “their own slice of this growing sector,” SIBA CEO Mike Benner said in release. “But what this survey clearly shows is consumers care whether the beer they are drinking was brewed by a truly independent British craft brewer or not – it’s all about provenance, transparency and not misleading consumers,” he added.

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  • Year: 2017
  • Volume: 8
  • Issue #: 70
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