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Eyes on Nashville: Locals Look for Locals, Bar Owner, Brewers Say; Tailgate’s Half Exports; Two Hearted a Go-To

“We look at local first. We look at popularity and sales. And we look at taste,” owner of hospitality group with handful of bars in Nashville, Austin Ray, told Nashville Scene describing co’s “beer council” process for deciding what new beers will go on tap. Clip includes plenty more interesting tidbits from folks in key Tennessee mkt. Consider: “if you want to send better send a human,” founder of Black Abbey Brewing Carl Meier said of distributing farther from home, even to mkts in same state. His co’s on path to brew about 4,000 bbls this yr, according to paper, and its facility’s getting tight. Fellow Nashville brewer Yazoo also lookin at bigger space, just like Jackalope, which is adding a second brewery, paper wrote. Jackalope CEO/brewmaster Bailey Spaulding still focusing on “the lot-of-beer-in-a-few-places strategy,” she told paper, adding that “I’m sure someday we’ll go across state lines, but that’s not what our focus is now.”

But one of biggest local facilities belongs to Tailgate, which apparently sends half its beer to the UK these days. Recall, while still brewing just a few thousand bbls per yr, it just added capacity for up to 120K bbls (see July 11 issue). Back at the “beer council,” Austin’s team selected “a few beers” to add to tap lists, “including three from Nashville,” paper wrote. But Austin named 5 beers that never come off. Just one is from out of state. And it’s the only IPA too. Bell’s Two Hearted gets that honor. The other four? Jackalope Bearwalker, a maple brown ale; Yazoo Gerst, an amber/altbier; Tennessee Brew Works Southern Wit and Black Abbey’s The Rose, both Belgian styles, a witbier and a pale ale, respectively.

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  • Year: 2017
  • Volume: 8
  • Issue #: 71
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