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Hard Seltzers at 0.7 Share of $$ in July; White Claw at 40 Share, Truly at 31 (excerpt)

Hard seltzer surged to 0.68 share of $$ in IRI for 4 weeks thru 7/30, Consumer Edge’s Brett Cooper showed (in Boston Beer report).  It’s been on a steady climb. Up from 0.56 for 4 weeks thru July 2, 0.39 share for 4 weeks thru Jun 4, 0.28 for 4 weeks thru May 7, 0.2 share for 4 weeks thru 4/9.  Did someone say seasonal?   Did someone say seltzers took off in last couple of mos?  Up a half share since Apr and more than 3x the size.  No wonder people are talking about this.

At same time, competitive landscape is striking. Step aside big boys.  Mike’s and Boston are so far creaming AB and especially MC in this emerging segment. Mike’s White Claw brand at 0.27 share of total $$ last 4 weeks thru 7/30, grabbing fully 40 share of segment.  And Boston’s Truly Spiked and Sparkling at 0.21, 31 share of segment.  Those 2 cos are showing the way.  And they are showing much improved results overall at same time.  Recall, Mike’s grabbing 0.4 share in recent periods.  Looks like most of that is White Claw.  And Truly’s success has led to a leveling out of Boston’s overall trend.  AB acquisition Spiked is in 3d, with 0.11 share, or 16% of segment. That’s gotta be somewhat disappointing, since Spiked was first.  Diageo is ramping up with Smirnoff Spiked Seltzer, which is also at 0.1 share (likely rounded up).  And Henry’s is 5th, at 0.03 or 4 share of seltzers.  In this emerging segment, so far brands that were newly created appear to be outperforming those which piggybacked on existing brands.

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