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More New Bud Light Work, This Time “Humor-Driven,” Sez Andy; Back to the Future; “Dilly”

Mktg veep Andy Goeler already implementing big changes on Bud Light work, tho with same ad agency Weiden & Kennedy and keeping “Famous Among Friends” tag. “I’ve got a vision,” Andy told INSIGHTS, adding that he “understands the brand from many different angles.”  The vision has two key elements.  First, AB intro’d “quality” spots a few weeks back, proclaiming Bud Light’s ingredients and quality.  Now AB breaks this weekend with new ad that is first in 2d prong of  revamped approach, going back to Bud Light’s roots with “humor driven” work, Andy told INSIGHTS. Bud Light is looking to “bring fun back to beer.” Ad riffs off  Game of Thrones-like settings, coinciding with season-finale this Sunday, tho it didn’t begin as conscious emulation, according to Andy.  At Medieval-styled “Banquet,” numerous knights repeat a toast of “dilly, dilly” over and over to gifts of Bud Light, but reject a “spiced honey mead wine.”  Two or 3 more iterations of these kinds of ads will be coming in next few weeks.  The humor campaign will get the majority of airtime, but the quality work will get a big chunk too.  “We’re laying the groundwork,” said Andy, “getting the direction down” and then “writing against this direction.”

Improved Bud Light Trends Last 4 Weeks, But New Ads Too New to Have Had Much Effect  Andy also touted just released YouGov results (see below) showing improved “quality” perception in last few weeks as early evidence that ads bearing some results.  Bud Light down 6.2% for last 4 weeks thru Aug 13 in IRI multi-outlet + convenience, including just a couple of days of the new work.  So unlikely to have had an effect. Still, that compared to 9.2% drop in 4 weeks just prior to that; a significant improvement if still a challenging trend.  Bud Light down 5.5% yr-to-date in IRI.  AB hitting airwaves with a lot of weight on Bud Light, so it will be very interesting to see if Bud Light’s trends improve.

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