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Stretch Goal? HUSA Seeks to Double Tecate by 2020 in US, Sez Brand Veep; Women?

Tecate franchise down slightly in US in first half, Heineken said when it released results.  But that doesn’t mean HUSA doesn’t have bold plans for the brand.  New brand veep Esther Garcia put an audacious stake in the ground. “We want to double the Tecate business by 2020,” she told NY’s Journal News (suburban NY paper that serves town where HUSA hq’ed).  One tactic, according to Journal News,  “is to reach out to women.”  Tecate historically a quintessentially masculine brand.  So that will take some doing.  Tho Tecate available nationally, “we are particularly strong in” CA, AZ and TX, Esther noted.  Well over half its biz in those 3 states, INSIGHTS understands.  Last yr, HUSA sold 18 mil cases (or 1.3 mil bbls) of Tecate and Tecate Light, we estimate.  That’s up 7%  from 5 yrs earlier, driven by gains of Tecate Light.  Tecate Light more than quintupled those 5 yrs from 90,000 bbls to 465,000 bbls, while regular Tecate declined 290,000 bbls, over 25%, we estimate.  But Tecate Light slowing somewhat in 2017.  Still up 20% YTD in IRI multi-outlet +convenience, but that slowed to 12% gain last 12 weeks (9% for 4 weeks).  Tecate Light at 43% of franchise volume YTD in IRI.  Meanwhile, brand Tecate down double digits and franchise flattish YTD in IRI.

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