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Above Premium Segments Gained Near 2 Share of Total Alc Bev $$ to Over 40 Last 4 Wks

With increasing number of craft brewers turning to other alc bevs, especially spirits (see above), what if we drop the beer v wine v spirits framework and check into premiumization across total alc bevs? Combo of above premium beer, $15+/bottle wine, ultra- and premium-price spirits had over 40 share of total alc bev (TAB) $$ in Nielsen all outlet + convenience data for 4 wks thru Aug 12. Collectively, high end alc bevs gained almost 1.8 share of TAB $$ during the period. Yr-to-date these segments up over 1.5 share together.

And above premium beer gaining the most share: +1.26 share of TAB $$ to 31.9 for 4 wks. Of course, these Nielsen channels (led by supers and c-stores) clearly skew toward beer, at 2/3 of TAB $$ for 4 wks, -0.55 share. Beer more like 47 share of supplier gross revs nationally last yr, Distilled Spirits Council estimates; beer dipped under 50 share of absolute alcohol volume for first time since the 1970s last yr, we estimate. Back to Nielsen: beer $$ basically flat last 4 wks, but above premium segment $$ up over 5%, slightly slower than YTD trend. Craft participating in above premium beer growth, but not driving it. Segment $$ up 4.1% for 4 wks (about the same as YTD), +0.4 share of beer $$. Imports grabbed 0.9 share, superpremium +0.7, FMBs +0.2 (with hard seltzer spike), while cider share off just barely. All in, above premium beers gained additional 2.1 share to about 47, nearing half of off-premise beer $$.

That’s actually not far from combo of ultra price and premium price spirits. Those segments just under 11 and 38 share of spirits $$, respectively. Each up about 7%. Gains a bit more evenly spread in wine. And price segments there not as close a corollary. But $15+/bottle wine clearly growing fastest, +11%, just 2.4 share of TAB $$. Instead, $6-15/bottle almost half the wine biz, as tracked by Nielsen, +4% for 4 wks and YTD. So lower-to-mid price alc bevs takin’ the hits. Premium beer losin’ the most share, $$ down 5% for 4 wks, -1.56 share. All in, premium and economy beer, mid- and value-price spirits and <$6/bottle wine all off low single digits in off premise this summer and slipped below half of TAB $$.

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  • Year: 2017
  • Volume: 8
  • Issue #: 76
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