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Shiner Spending Big Bucks on New TV Campaign in TX as Trends Improve (excerpt)

Gambrinus is makin’ significant investments into new Texas-based TV ad campaign for Shiner Bock brand this fall, co announced late yesterday.  Co will spend $2.5 mil for fall campaign alone, which is “most we’ve ever spent,” and marks “a completely different direction from where we’ve been in the past,” director of mktg Gregor Mina told CBN. “This Is Shiner Country” campaign, launching tonight during Rangers vs Yankees game on local channels, will focus “on cable television and sports programming,” aiming to highlight historic and iconic aspects of the brand with two different spots to start.

One spot tells story of how founder Kosmos Spoetzl was arrested for making beer during prohibition, with tagline “to not brew Bock would be the crime.”  The other tells story of a “hippie man with a funeral car” who helped deliver Shiner Bock in Austin during the 70s when it wasn’t as readily available. Previous digital ads for Shiner have “always been very humorous” but “what we lost sight of a little bit was our heritage and our iconic status,” Gregor explained. Indeed, Shiner has “so many stories” and will be consistently “looking for what’s the next great story” to share.  Ads will appear in all major TX mkts, running “primarily on local cable, with significant presence in NFL, NBA and MLB broadcasts.”

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  • Year: 2017
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