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Firming Craft and FMB #s Continue in Nielsen Scan Data; $$ Trend and Share Pick Up Steam 

Craft $$ up 6% for 4 weeks thru Sep 16 as segment picked up 0.5 share of $$, compared to 0.4 share gain YTD.  And FMB $$ up 2% and gained 0.1 share of $$. FMB $$ sales still down 0.6% YTD and lost 0.1 share.  In last 4 weeks, craft and FMBs gained 0.6 share, while imports gained 1.1 share.  That’s considerably better than YTD, when craft and FMBs gained 0.3, while imports up 1.2.  Is high end shifting again?

INSIGHTS Express, Vol 19, No 181; September 26, 2017


August Ain’t No Better; Taxpaid Shipments Shed Another 700K Bbls, 4.3%, Sez BI; YTD Hole Deepens

Following tuff 700K-bbl drop in Jul, domestic brewers’ taxpaid shipments down same 700K bbls, 4.3% in Aug, estimates Beer Inst economist Michael Uhrich.  Aug was challenging comp as shipments up almost 4% in Aug 2016.  So Aug 2017 shipments back to 2015 level.  For 8 mos, picture ain’t pretty: domestic taxpaids -2.7 mil bbls, 2.3%.  Imports’ 300K-bbl, 1.5% gain thru Jul not much help. Sep-Oct could be oppy to gain some ground, as taxpaids dipped 1.3 mil bbls, 4.5% those 2 mos last yr.  We’ll see.

INSIGHTS Express, Vol 19, No 178; September 21, 2017


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