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Conversion Factors and Definitions

Bbl = Beer Barrel. The standard unit for reporting beer shipments in the USA.

hL = Hectolitre. The standard unit for reporting global beer shipments.

Conversion Factors

1 Bbl = 31 gallons
1 Bbl = 3968 ounces
1 Bbl = 13.778 cases
1 Liter = 0.26418 gallons
1 hL = 0.852 Bbl
1 case = 24 12-oz. beers


Taxpaid shipments = domestic beer shipments to 50 states

Tax-free shipments = export shipments to foreign countries and tax-free shipments to US possessions, as well as military bases

Shipments = domestic brewer's taxpaid shipments of beer in US, no-alcohol brews, imports and malternatives

STRs = Sales-to-retailers
C-stores = convenience stores
Supers = supermarkets


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