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Minus Signs Galore, Cont’d; Top 10 Lists (You May Not Want to Be On); Tuff Big Brand #s

Last mo, we highlighted tuff trends for almost all big suppliers for 3, 9 and 12 mos thru Sep. Table below shows IRI multi-outlet + convenience volume trends yr-to-date thru Oct 30 for top 10-selling mainstream domestic brands (premium/economy) and top 10 craft brands (our definition, excluding Blue Moon, Shock Top, Leinie). Rank is based on $$ sales YTD. Not quite as many minus signs as for top suppliers. But only 2 of top 10 mainstream brands up this yr and only 4 top craft brands up. And two of those craft gainers up less than 2%. Collectively, top 10 mainstream brands actually outperforming top 10 craft, trendwise. Big mainstream brands down over 11 mil cases collectively; trend is -1.5%. Top 10 crafts off more like 700K cases, but decline steeper at -3.6%. 

Every top 10 mainstream brand is AB or MC product. Coors Light and Miller Lite, each down very slightly YTD, clearly outperformed Bud Light this yr and thus gained share of premium light. Bud slowed in recent mos and off near 4%. AB's got 2 below premium gainers (Busch Light and Bud Ice) and Busch near even. So while MC outperforming in premium light, AB outperforming below premium (above premium too).Driving top-10 craft trends: 3 of 4 Sam brands in group down double digits. Top 2 Sierra Nevada bands down 5-6%. Shiner Bock and New Belgium Fat Tire eked out small gains. Lagunitas IPA not as hot as previous yrs, but still runnin' up near 20%.Star of the group: Goose Island IPA, nearly doubling YTD.

Trend YTD Trend YTD
Cases 000 % Cases 000 %
Bud Light -6,295 -2.5 Sierra Pale Ale -188 -5.7
Coors Light -121 -0.1 Sam Seasonal -649 -18.4
Budweiser -3,135 -3.6 Shiner Bock 36 1.6
Miller Lite -58 -0.1 NB Fat Tire 18 0.9
Natural Light -1,011 -1.8 Sam Boston Lager -289 -12.6
Busch Light 436 0.9 Lagunitas IPA 286 17.8
Busch -20 -0.1 Sierra Torpedo -79 -5.5
High Life -649 -2.7 Sam Variety Pack -81 -6.2
Keystone Light -901 -3.7 Goose Island IPA 416 90.0
Bud Ice 551 3.8 Sam Rebel IPA -162 -15.9
Top 10 Mainstream -11,204 -1.5 Top 10 Craft -692 -3.6

Publishing Info

  • Year: 2016
  • Volume: 47
  • Issue #: 23
Read 398 times Last modified on 12/12/2016

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