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(Yellow) Tail Wags the Dog; Wine Brand to Reach 85% of SB Audience, Using Bud Light-Type Humor

Where there’s a will there’s a way.  Turns out AB not only has exclusive for beer ads on Super Bowl broadcast, it has exclusive for all alc bevs.  Liquor’s not an issue since NFL still bans it.  And wine “has not been aggressive on TV,” as Ad Age wrote earlier this week.  But there’s loophole for purchasing time on local stations, as MC exploited with Redd’s ads in some mkts a few yrs ago.  Turns out Yellow Tail, most popular Australian wine, really wanted to be on Super Bowl this yr.  It decided to go hard for local mkts, Ad Age and USA Today report, especially after AB failed to execute option it has for “right of first refusal with Fox-owned-and-operated local stations” back in Aug.  Yellow Tail snapped up enough local buys, including biggest metro mkts, to put its ad before 85% of Super Bowl audience.  And spent more than a natl ad would have cost, it sez.   

Turns out too that not only will Yellow Tail reach so many viewers, but will do it with traditional beer- and specifically Bud Light-type messages.  “We think that if we can bring the message that wine can be fun and that wine can be present in all of these occasions where you celebrate, we think we can make a big impact,” cmo for Yellow Tail’s importer told Ad Age.  Fun?  What kind of fun?  Yellow Tail’s ad features “Yellow Tail guy” in yellow suit, natch, accompanied by “comic kangaroo,” natch, reports USA Today.  “The spot shows them at a rooftop party, at a barbecue – and at the beach, where they run into Aussie-born supermodel Ellie Gonsalves in a white bikini.”  Guess what happens next.  Yellow Tail guy asks: “Want to pet my Roo?”  Ellie does so, affectionately. Then it’s off to a party scene.  Ring a bell?  Fun, cute animals, a little silly sexual innuendo.  (Wasn’t Spuds MacKenzie the original party animal?)  Who’da thunk?  And all this while Bud Light goes bro-sensitive.  A final twist: to support a “consumer-loved” brand, “we decided instead of investing in price [discounting] we are going to invest in the Super Bowl,” importer’s cmo told Ad Age.

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  • Year: 2017
  • Volume: 19
  • Issue #: 17
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