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AB and MC Farin’ No Better in “2d Tier States” than in Largest US Mkts; A Single Gain Outta 20 #s

Ain’t just big mkts where AB and MC strugglin’ to gain volume.  Current issue of our beer marketer’s INSIGHTS newsletter gives deep dive into top brewers’ shipments trends in biggest “reporting” states and regions Jan-Jun.   Shows AB and MC shedding volume pretty much across the board.  For example, each down near 3% in massive Calif mkt Jan-Jun and AB down near that in key Tex too.  But AB down less than 1% in Fla for 6 mos.  MC nearly held in Tex, but took 5.4% hit in Fla.  Each mostly down in remaining large reporting mkts, tho AB scored gains in OH and Ariz, MC up in Mich.

How are they doin’ in “2d tier” mkts, i.e. next 10 largest reporting states?  Each of these states sells between 3.7-4.5 mil bbls annually and collectively represent about 20% of total US biz, vs about half for largest 10 reporting states.  Neither AB nor MC farin’ any better in these mkts.  In Northeast, AB down in 2% range in both Mass and NJ.  MC even softer, down 3-4%.  In Southeast, AB off just 0.8% in SC, but down 3.5-4.5% in Ala and Tenn. MC also nearly held in SC, off 2.2% in Ala, but -4% in Tenn too.  Indy is tuff mkt for both this yr as Yuengling intro takin’ typical toll on top 2: AB down near 4%, MC down over 5%.  In AB home state MO, dropoff a more modest 2% and MC down 1.8%.  MC held Minn drop to 1.2%, tho AB off 3.6% there.  Interestingly, each improved trends in craftland Colo of late.  AB down just 1.1% for 6 mos, one of its best trends among these 10 states and following just 0.8% dropoff in calendar 2016.   And MC up 2.7% in Colo this yr, following modest dropoffs in 2015 and 2016.  That’s only positive trend for AB or MC in any of these states.  In another strong craft mkt tho, Wash, AB and MC gettin’ whipped, down 5.1% and 5.7% respectively for 6 mos.  By the way, Constellation trends just as strong in these mkts as they are in biggest states, with two exceptions.  Up double-digits in 6 of these 10 states Jan-Jun, +7-9% in 2 others.  But gain in NJ is modest 1.1% and Constellation showing a very rare loss, -2.6% in Wash.

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  • Year: 2017
  • Volume: 19
  • Issue #: 173
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