Alcohol Issues INSIGHTS delivers crucial context and up-to-the-minute analysis of the latest alcohol research and policy debates. With Alcohol Issues INSIGHTS as your guide, follow the shifting perceptions of alcohol and the industry, track the latest regulatory proposals and debates on the global, federal and local stages and understand the science and rhetoric underpinning changes. Readers also gain critical insight into how industry members adjust to meet these new challenges, investing in social and environmental programs targeting their relationships with employees and the public.

In 40+ issues, delivered almost weekly, you’ll get lively coverage of:

  • Surveys and government data on alcohol use and alcohol-related harm;
  • Recent research into how alcohol affects physical & mental health;
  • State, federal and global policy debates;
  • Industry discussions of key threats and pending proposals;
  • Media depictions of alcohol and the industry;
  • Efforts toward building more sustainable and inclusive businesses.

For 40 years, Alcohol Issues INSIGHTS has led analysis of alcohol policy and science, distilling key points from complex scientific and legal materials for industry members, researchers and policy-makers. It remains the only US-based, industry-facing publication devoted to these critical issues. Industry leaders have long depended on AII to look back at alcohol’s history and see around the corner at what’s to come, allowing readers to better formulate long-term strategy.

The perfect thought-jogger to promote conversation within individual organizations and the industry at large, the newsletter is built for wide readership and discussion. Sign up for one year of in-depth coverage for the low introductory price of $170 per subscription. Get access for your whole team by taking advantage of steep discounts for group subscriptions. As with all our newsletters, we offer a money-back guarantee: if you’re not satisfied, we will refund the unused portion of your subscription.

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