Beer Marketer’s Insights (BMI) claims copyright and contractual protection for all materials it publishes (the Content). This Subscriber Terms and Conditions User License Agreement (ULA) provides a limited license to a subscriber (You) to access the Content as described in detail below.

All of our publications are copyright protected and protected by intellectual property laws. It is illegal under the federal copyright law to retransmit or reproduce our newsletters or other publications in any manner, including for internal use - without our permission. Copyright violations will be prosecuted. Under the copyright law, receiving an electronic subscription gives you the same rights as those available with a print subscription. Just as you may not copy a print version for any reason, so, too, you may not make copies from your electronic version, even for “internal” use within your company, beyond the agreed upon site license distribution limits. Publications may not be placed on an intranet or otherwise shared or forwarded beyond the agreed upon number of individuals. This means that, for each subscription, you may only have one copy at any one time. If you forward a copy to someone else (even within your company), you must immediately erase the original copy from your computer. Similarly, you may not make your single an electronic subscription available on a network (without obtaining a network site license) because that would give individual copies to multiple network users. The sharing of login credentials by individual subscribers or the provision of subscription-only materials to those whose names are not specified in the account record of an individual subscription is considered a violation of these Terms of Use.

Discounts for multiple (group), or site licenses are available to those who wish to add users or an entire team to a BMI subscription or single-use product. For group or site license customers, Beer Marketer's Insights reserves the right to request an annual report of the distribution names and email addresses for each recipient. A multiple copy subscription agreement allows you and your company to have the agreed upon number of issues of the publication(s).  Site licenses, when arranged, allow a company to have up to the agreed upon number of copies at any one time for its US employees & fully owned US subsidiaries. Site licenses do not apply to independent contractors, subcontractors, freelancers, consultants, suppliers, clients or any other person who is not an employee.

Please note the following:

  1. Except as specifically provided below, You may not allow others in your firm to use the Content— any data or information from BMI databases or publications;
  2. You may not permit others to log in with your user name or password; and
  3. You may not distribute, modify, transmit, reuse, repost, resell, or use the Content, whether accessed via e-mail or online, except when specifically agreed upon in a separate group or site license agreement.

Contact BMI should you have any questions regarding your current or proposed usage. To discuss a license solution that best suits your firm, please contact BMI at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 845-507-0040.


  1. License agreement. Content published by BMI is protected by copyright law. Conditioned upon your compliance with all of the terms of this ULA (including payment of the applicable subscription fee) and subject to all of the limitations noted above and below, BMI grants you access to specific information in its online databases and e-mailed, online/printed content at (the Content). This is a binding legal agreement. If You do not wish to consent to one or more of these terms, do not proceed or access the Content. You may contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions before proceeding. By proceeding, You consent to all conditions of this ULA.
  2. Scope of license and Limitations of Use. The ULA permits You to access and use the Content for your own benefit. A single newsletter subscription or report purchase entitles you to have one copy of the publication at any one time.

    A single copy subscription agreement allows you and your company to have only one issue of the publication. This means that you may only have one copy at any one time. Electronic subscribers must also supply email addresses that match the subscriber's name and company, unless a site license or multi-user contract is set in place. No general inbox addresses or substitutions will be allowed.

    Books & Special Reports: All of our publication are copyright protected. The purchase of one book or special report is intended for a single user and entitles the purchaser to a single electronic copy on a device at any one time, and one printed hard copy of the downloadable report. No part of the publication may be reproduced or re-transmitted, including by e-mail forwarding or placement on an intranet, even for internal use  ̶  without our permission. You may not send your ePub to other people or put the files on servers where others can read or access this content.

    Webinars: All Beer Marketer's Insights Webinars and related downloadable materials are copyright protected. The purchase of webinar entitles a single registrant to participate in the live and/or recorded webinar presentation, and to maintain one electronic copy on a single device and one printed hard copy of the downloadable materials at any one time. One copy of the supplemental material is intended for a single user. No part of the webinar or its related materials may be reproduced or re-transmitted - including by e-mail forwarding or placement on an intranet, even for internal use - without our permission. You may not send your webinar recording or supplemental publication materials to other people or put the files on servers where others can read or access this content.
  3. Limited copying permitted. You may download into electronic storage and print a single hard copy of the Content, and you may use the Content for your personal or professional use for a project prepared by You. You cannot research on behalf of a firm or individual for whom you work that then delivers your work product to its client, a third-party client. Further, this single license is for your use only, not for interoffice use. Multi-seat licenses are available for these purposes. Additionally, You agree that You will not attempt to download, either in electronic or in hard copy format, more than one (1) copy of BMI’s publication(s). You further agree not to utilize the online content by retrieving information using an automated device, script, bot, spider, crawler, or scraper.
  4. Redistribution prohibited. As the licensee, You may not distribute, retransmit, repost, resell, modify or use the Content without BMI’s written permission. Likewise, you may not place BMI publications or content on an intranet. Users may print or reproduce discrete portions (up to one paragraph or four sentences, whichever is greater) of BMI articles published on this site, solely for purposes of commentary or analysis, so long as proper credit is given to BMI by inclusion of the phrase "Used with the permission of Beer Marketer’s Insights," No user is authorized to change the material or the meaning of the BMI material. If these conditions are observed, BMI will consider the reproduction to be "fair use";
  5. Your password. A license may not be physically or electronically shared or used concurrently on different computers (PCs, servers, Intranets, etc.). You agree that You may not permit any other person or entity, including your fellow employees or employer, to use your password for the purpose of accessing the Content, nor may You use your password to access the Content for anyone else except as described herein. You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password, and You agree to make all reasonable efforts to do so. You further acknowledge that BMI may use third-party tracking software to ensure accurate electronic delivery and copyright compliance. This software may collect and forward to BMI technical information from any computer that accesses the Content, as well as information regarding the usage of the Content by the receiving computer.
  6. Subscription term. Your license will continue as long as your account is in good standing, provided that You comply with the terms and conditions of the ULA. BMI may terminate your subscription, the ULA, and your access to the Content for any reason or no reason effective upon written notice if we tender a prorated refund of any fee You have paid. BMI reserves the right to restrict, suspend, or terminate the ULA and your access to the Content, in whole or in part, without notice and without refund, in the event of any breach by You of any term of this ULA (for example, by providing access to the site to unauthorized persons or by redistributing your subscription without a group or multi-seat license).
  7. Limitation of warranty. BMI gathers its data from sources it considers to be reliable. Although we take every possible precaution in the preparation of the products we offer, BMI offers the Content “as is” and disclaims all warranties, express and implied, including the implied warranties of merchantability and of fitness for a particular purpose with respect to any information contained on, accessible through, or derived by You from the Content. BMI likewise disclaims any and all liability to You arising out of interruption or damage to your computer system or software as the result of accessing or otherwise using the Content. A user's use of the BMI website, and any reliance on any material published or transmitted by BMI, is at the user's own risk. BMI neither warrants nor represents that the Content will enable You to achieve any particular result or outcome, legal, economic, educational, or otherwise. BMI will not be liable for any incidental, indirect, consequential, or special damages of any kind, including lost revenues, lost profits, or loss of data arising out of your use of our materials or this site. In the event that any of the foregoing limitations and disclaimers is ineffective, You agree that our maximum liability to You shall be the total of the fees that You have paid to us in connection with your access to the Content. The remedies available to You against BMI under this agreement are exclusive.
  8. Links. The BMI website and publications contain links to other Internet sites. These links are not endorsements of those sites and/or any products or services in such sites, and no information in such sites has been endorsed or approved by BMI.
  9. Disputes. You agree that any dispute arising from, relating to, or in any manner connected with this ULA shall be construed under and resolved in accordance with the laws of the State of New York, exclusive of its choice of law principles. Any such dispute shall be litigated only in the state or federal courts of New York, to the personal jurisdiction of which You hereby consent. If You are a subscriber outside the United States or a governmental subscriber, You agree that the remedy for any infringement of BMI’s intellectual property rights shall be an award of damages equivalent to the statutory damages recoverable under the United States Copyright Act, 17 U.S.C. § 501 et seq.
  10. Mandatory arbitration & class action waiver In the event of any dispute or disagreement regarding this agreement, the parties agree that common-sense should prevail, and that if necessary an independent person or persons mutually agreed upon by both parties shall be called upon to make a decision which is binding upon both parties. If the parties cannot agree on an arbitrator within thirty days of a written arbitration request by either party, the parties may pursue remedies in law or equity in any New York court of competent jurisdiction. You and we both agree, to the fullest extent allowed by law, that Claims will not under any circumstances be pursued in Class Proceedings.
  11. Severability. If for any reason a court or other tribunal of competent jurisdiction finds any provision of these Terms of Use, or portion thereof, to be unenforceable, that provision shall be enforced to the maximum extent permissible so as to effect the intent of the Terms of Use, and the remainder of these Terms of Use shall continue in full force and effect.
  12. Complete Agreement; Revisions. This ULA constitutes the entire agreement between You and BMI with respect to the Content and supersedes all prior agreements, whether written or oral, with respect to the subject matter hereof. BMI may, at any time, revise this ULA. You will be required to agree with all revised versions, if any, before You are permitted access to the product again. Your continued use of the Content following notice of any revision to this ULA shall be conclusively deemed an acceptance of all such modification(s).

Our Cancellation Rights

We may suspend or terminate your Subscription if we are prevented from providing services to you, or accepting payment from you, by applicable law or circumstances beyond our control.  We may also suspend or terminate your Subscription, without refund, if you breach these Terms and Conditions, with or without notice and without further obligation to you.  If you are not a paid Subscriber, we may suspend or terminate your access to BMI Content at any time, with or without notice and without further obligation to you.

Last updated:  May 29, 2024

Privacy Policy

Beer Marketer’s Insights (BMI) is proud of our reputation as the premier content provider in the beer and beverage industries. We are committed to protecting your privacy. Any information you give us is held with care and security, and will not be used in ways to which you have not consented. We never rent or resell your personal information to third parties without your permission. The information we collect is used to provide services to our customers. We may also disclose your personal information as required by law such as to comply with a subpoena, or similar legal process, or when we believe in good faith that disclosure is necessary to protect our rights, protect your safety or the safety of others, investigate fraud, or respond to a government request.

When you order, purchase or download any product on our websites, including, and, or register for any BMI event or service, we automatically place you on our list to receive email and direct marketing pieces regarding updates about special offers, new products, and new services geared towards helping you in your business decision-making. If you do not wish to receive email updates, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and type "remove" in the subject line and include the email address that you would like to remove. You can also follow the unsubscribe instructions that are outlined in email updates. When you create an account or purchase one of our products or services, we'll ask you to provide us with specific information, such as name, company name, contact address, phone number, email, login and payment details.

By accessing our publications, whether via our e-mail delivery service or on our website, you understand and agree that we may use tracking images or software to ensure accurate electronic delivery and copyright compliance. These collect and forward to us technical data and newsletter usage information from any computer that opens the e mail or online Content.

Meeting attendance implies your consent to be photographed, filmed and/or otherwise recorded for use on the BMI website, in promotions or publications. You may not photograph or video meetings you attend without our prior consent.

Please note that the practices of Beer Marketer's Insights, Inc., its affiliates, and agents are governed by this online privacy policy ("Privacy Policy") as amended from time to time, and not the privacy policy in effect at the time the data was collected. This Privacy Policy does not govern privacy practices associated with offline activities, or other websites.  If you have any questions about how we use your personal information, please contact our Data Protection Officer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies

BMI uses a feature of your Internet Web browser called a "cookie" to assign a unique identification to your computer. A cookie is a small text file stored on your computer's hard drive. A cookie cannot harm your computer, i.e. delete files, reformat your hard drive, etc. BMI uses cookies to retrieve your online shopping cart items. Cookies may keep track of your preferences and profile information, and may collect general usage information that does not include personal information.


Currently Beer Marketer’s Insights does not sell or display advertising on its site. As ad serving and optimization software is the source of much of the user tracking activity on the Internet, the fact that we do not have advertising on our site means we are likely to collect much less information about you and your browsing activities than most ad-supported sites that you visit.

Web beacons

Our Web pages and electronic publications may contain electronic images known as Web beacons (sometimes called single-pixel gifs) and are used along with cookies to compile aggregated statistics to analyze how our site is used and may be used in some of our emails to let us know which emails and links have been opened by recipients. This allows us to gauge the effectiveness of our products, customer communications and marketing campaigns. Like most website operators, BMI may collect information generated when you visit its website. This may include users’ IP addresses, page views and other clickstream data.

To help manage our email newsletters, we may use third-party services to ensure accurate electronic delivery and copyright compliance. Such services collect and forward to us certain technical information from any computer that opens the email newsletters. In addition, they collect and report information regarding the usage of the newsletter by a receiving computer.

Links to Other Web Sites

Our Site includes links to other Web sites whose privacy practices may differ from those of BMI. If you submit personal information to any of those sites, your information is governed by their privacy statements. We encourage you to carefully read the privacy statement of any Web site you visit. Links included in our publications or website are not endorsements of those sites and/or any products or services in such sites.

Credit Card Processing

If you purchase a paid subscription on our website using a credit card, Beer Marketer’s Insights will not store your credit card information; that information will instead be fully encrypted and stored with full PCI compliance by our credit card processor.


The security of your personal information is important to us. We follow generally accepted industry standards to protect the personal information submitted to us, both during transmission and once we receive it. No method of transmission over the Internet, or method of electronic storage, is 100% secure, however. Therefore, we cannot guarantee its absolute security.

We will retain your information for as long as your account is active or as needed to provide you services. If you wish to cancel your account or request that we no longer use your information to provide you services contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will retain and use your information as necessary to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes, and enforce our agreements.

Fees and Payments

Current subscription fees are posted at By subscribing, you agree to pay the Subscription Fees at the rates in effect when the subscription was begun or renewed. All fees and charges are nonrefundable, except that Beer Marketer's Insights offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee for newsletter subscriptions such that we will refund the unfulfilled portion of any subscription upon written request. Renewal fees may change, but the subscriber will not be responsible for new fees unless s/he renews. Multiple copy discounts and site licenses may be available. Please contact us for rates and information. To change the billing address or method, please contact us at (845) 507-0040. Payments can be made by check (drawn on a US financial Institution), credit card, wire transfers or ACH. Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request our banking information for ACH and wire transfer payments. Group discounted subscriptions are subject to a 3.5% credit card processing fee as indicated on the invoice.


For credit card customers who request automatic renewal, we will continue your subscription as long as you wish without interruption, unless you tell us otherwise. Before the start of your new term, we will simply charge your credit card at the rate then in effect. We will notify you in advance of prevailing rates and timing of the charge so you can make any necessary changes. If we cannot charge your credit card we will send you a bill. Subscriptions will be canceled by the 4th week of nonpayment after the expiration date. Should you choose to renew the subscription, it will be prorated to include the prior weeks received. You can cancel at any time by sending your request to Beer Marketer's Insights at 49 E Maple Ave., Suffern, NY 10901, by sending your request via e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or by calling (845) 507-0040.

Return/Refund Policy

At BMI, we strive to provide 100% customer satisfaction. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your Beer Marketer's Insights purchase, please call (845) 507-0040, or contact us via e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Simply stated, we stand behind our products. We believe they are the best in the industry. If the product you purchased from Beer Marketer's Insights is not what you expected, please let us know. We will gladly refund the unused portion of any subscription upon request.

E-Pubs are non-refundable once delivered.

Webinar payments are non-refundable, however those with scheduling conflicts may transfer attendance to another person with 48 hours notice, or registrants may view the webinar recording after the live event.

Seminar payments are fully refundable, less a $250 administrative fee, until 30 days before the start of each event. Until 30 days before the start of the event, you may apply your registration fee to another seminar or subscription fee(s) of your choice within 12 months. Please note that no-show registration fees and cancellations within 30 days of the event will not be refunded or applied elsewhere. Substitutions may be made at any time. Payments for webinars and meetings are required in advance of the event.



Without prior written consent, you shall not:

(1) access any part of the Services, Content, data or information you do not have permission or authorization to access or for which Beer Marketer’s Insights has revoked your access;

(2) use robots, spiders, scripts, service, software or any manual or automatic device, tool, or process designed to data mine or scrape the Content, data or information from the Services, or otherwise use, access, or collect the Content, data or information from the Services using automated means;

(3) use any Beer Marketer's Insights copyrighted Content to train or develop any software program, including, but not limited to, training a machine learning or artificial intelligence (AI) system (e.g., ChatGPT, CopyAI, CoPilot, etc.).

(4) use services, software or any manual or automatic device, tool, or process designed to circumvent any restriction, condition, or technological measure that controls access to the Services in any way, including overriding any security feature or bypassing or circumventing any access controls or use limits;

Engaging in a prohibited use of the Services may result in civil, criminal, and/or administrative penalties, fines, or sanctions against the user and those assisting the user.